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We’ve all heard about it. The manufacturing industry is facing a shortage of skilled workers as experienced workers retire. The aluminum extrusion industry is not immune to this dilemma.

The aluminum extrusion industry faces two significant challenges:

  1. Virtually all young designers and engineers graduate from engineering and design programs having learned very little information about the aluminum extrusion process, applications, and extrusion design. Therefore, students graduate with little or no understanding of this versatile material process.

  2. Ask just about any industry CEO “What is the single most significant challenge your business faces to your company’s sustained growth?” The answer 90% of the time is “Acquiring the talent and skills we need to grow successfully.”

AEC Academic Outreach Program: Reaching New Heights

AEC’s Academic Outreach Program is focused on meeting both of these challenges head on.


The Program Goals & Strategy

Our first goal is to see students graduate from the appropriate programs with at least a fundamental knowledge of aluminum, the extrusion process and the product opportunities, as well an understanding of the benefits of, and how to design with, aluminum extrusions.

Our second goal is to acquaint students with our industry and facilities to attract them into exciting, challenging, rewarding and well-paying careers. Often, there is a misconception that manufacturing facilities are dark and dirty rather than what they are today – exciting, state of the art, fast-paced work environments using advanced technology.

To reach these goals, the Aluminum Extruders Council has created a program to inspire and empower the three constituents most in need: Instructors/Schools, Students and the aluminum extrusion industry.

To learn more about the AEC Academic Outreach Program and what AEC can do for you, follow the links below.

  For Educators >>

  • WATCH the webinar for educators explaining what AEC and its members can do for you and your students (39 minutes)
  • Many AEC members have outreach programs with local schools (from high school to post-secondary educational institutions), including internship programs. Here is an example:


  For Students >>


  For AEC Members >>


Learning Tools and Information



The Aluminum Extruders Council's mission of the Academic Outreach program is to:

  1. Provide students with the basic knowledge about aluminum extrusion that will support their professional development, and
  2. Create extrusion-savvy graduates who can become future consumers, designers, engineers and employees.

Download the AEC Academic Outreach flyer to learn more.


  Download the educational presentation, “Designing to the Limits of Your Imagination”, to learn more about aluminum extrusion applications, design and processes.

  Visit the AEC YouTube channel for webinars available on-demand covering the attributes of aluminum and the aluminum extrusion process, as well as technical aspects of extrusion design, including alloy selection, part geometry, fabrication and more. Find us on YouTube under AECorg.


Contact AEC for more information on how you can support and take advantage of the AEC Academic Outreach Program.