EPD for Aluminum Extrusions
AEC has released two EPDs covering aluminum extrusions produced in the U.S. and Canada - one for basic extrusion products and one for thermally improved products. The EPDs are the most comprehensive assessment of extrusion’s environmental footprint to date.

AEC Joins Lift
AEC has joined LIFT (Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow), a Detroit-based public/private partnership focused on advancing metals technology for transportation lightweighting. LIFT funds technology programs, conducts workforce development, and operates a development, prototype and small-scale production facility. details


EDU '18
Extrusion Design University - EDU '18 is a new 2-day educational event created for designers and engineers who want to better understand the "ins and outs" of designing with aluminum extrusions. details

About AEC: The Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) is an international trade association dedicated to advancing the effective use of aluminum extrusion in North America. AEC is committed to bringing comprehensive information about extrusion's characteristics, applications, environmental benefits, design and technology to users, product designers, engineers and the academic community. Further, AEC is focused on enhancing the ability of its members to meet the emerging demands of the market through sharing knowledge and best practices.

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