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About AEC: Fair Trade


The Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) has led the U.S. aluminum extrusion industry in achieving level competition by winning tariff protection that offsets unfair trade practices of extruders/importers of aluminum profiles produced in China. Our efforts have been of enormous value to domestic extruders and suppliers. They may have saved our industry. Conservatively, AEC estimates 600 million pounds per year of extrusions are being produced in the U. S. that would have otherwise been lost to China.
The video above features leaders of the aluminum Extruders Council
speaking to the importance of the AEC Fair Trade...It Matters! initiative.

A wealth of information regarding the AEC Fair Trade…It Matters! initiative can be found on The Shaping Solutions Together blog. The blog features timely and relevant posts regarding the Fair Trade…It Matters! initiative composed by extrusion industry leaders. These posts provide a unique perspective and a more personalized message on the importance of this campaign. To view the blog in its entirety, please visit

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Latest Activity


January 11, 2016 - 2016 Will Be Pivotal Year for AEC Fair Trade Case



December 7, 2015 - December Closes Out Fantastic Year for AEC Fair Trade

November 9, 2015
Special Report: Details Behind the China Zhongwang Case Filing

October 23, 2015 - AEC Files Scope Clarification and Circumvention Case against China Zhongwang Holdings Ltd. ...more
Copy of Petition Filing - Part 1
(large PDF file - 30 mb)

Copy of Petition Filing Part 2 (large PDF file - 28 mb)


July 31, 2015 - Dupre Analytics Alleges Massive Fraud in Global Aluminum Scheme ... more


February 16, 2015 - $3 Million Settlement Reached in Shower Door Transshipment Case... more


January 22, 2015 - Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Rules in Favor of the Domestic Curtain Wall Industry ... more 



December 17, 2014 — Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown urges Commerce Department to stand up against unfair Chinese trade practices ... more

December 2, 2014 — Report: U.S. Aluminum Extruders see 10-15% increase in business thanks to tariffs on Chinese imports... more

August 20, 2014 — Importers pleads guilty to import scheme in Puerto Rico... more

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February 26, 2014 — Whirlpool appeal of the DOC's countervailing duty rate for Kromet could devastate existing tariffs ... more

February 6, 2014 — U.S. International Court of Appeals confirms Department of Commerce ruling that curtain wall products fit within the scope of the Tariff Orders ... more

February 4, 2014 — What are the key issues that AEC will focus on in the Aluminum Extrusion Fair Trade Initiative for 2014? Jeff Henderson blogs on where we’ve been and where we’re going ... more

January 14, 2014 — Manufacturer agrees to pay $1.1 million in connection with false customs declarations for Chinese extrusion ... more


November 20, 2013 — What Does the threat From China Really Look Like? Duncan Crowdis blogs on Chinese extrusion capacity expansion plans ... more

 Fair Share = Fair Trade
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ALL those who buy or sell extrusions in the North American aluminum extrusion industry have benefited from the Aluminum Extrusion Fair Trade Initiative. In short, Fair Trade tariffs have worked. They brought customers back to the U.S. that had been lost and rescued customers that would otherwise have left. But the stakes remain high! Efforts to circumvent, dilute or eliminate this crucial protection will continue for years to come.

AEC needs your financial support in order to continue this outstanding program. Please show your support for the Fair Trade Initiative by choosing one of the actions below.

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