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Glossary (Terms & Definitions)


Every technical specialty has its own specialized language. Terminology employed in the context of aluminum extrusion carries specific meaning. Clear communication requires an understanding of the words used to describe products and processes associated with the aluminum extrusion industry.

With the further understanding that the sphere of commerce and industry is truly international in scope, a Global Advisory Group formed to develop a universal set of terms and definitions for aluminum interests.


The Aluminum Extruders Council has chosen to adopt these Terms and Definitions developed to facilitate communication and foster understanding among aluminum interests worldwide.

As noted in the Introduction found within the Terms and Definitions document, “Especially it is intended to be a source for terms and definitions to be used in standards. By using identical terms and definitions, as far as possible, in standards of different countries or continents, a better alignment of such standards is possible.”

It is worth noting that the terms are grouped according to categories that include Products, Processing, Sampling/Testing and Product Characteristics, and Visual Quality Characteristics. An alphabetical index,
here called a Glossary, appears at the end of the document for convenient reference.

The Terms and Definitions can be found HERE.