2020 Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition

The Call for Entries is now open for the 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition! Download the brochure, including entry forms now!

The Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition is intended to enlighten students and engineering, design, and architecture professionals about aluminum extrusions' superior advantages and many applications.

Enter your unique designs in the 2020 Aluminum Design Competition! Show off your talent, ingenuity and creativity by designing components, systems and/or products that feature aluminum extrusions.

Bonnell Aluminum
The ET Foundation is grateful to Bonnell Aluminum for their sponsorship of the
2020 Student Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition awards.

Design Competition Tracks

The 2020 Design Competition offers two possible tracks to compete in:

Student Class

The Student Class is open to students currently enrolled in high school, college/university, technical school, or graduate school.

  • Scholarships are awarded for First, Second, and Third Place
  • Scholarship for special Sustainable Design Category also available

Go to the Student page to learn more.

Professional Class

The Professional Class is open to designers, engineers, architects, manufacturers and others who design components and systems.

  • Cash prizes are awarded in four categories: Architectural/Structural, Transportation, Engineered Products, Alternative Energy

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Learn more about the 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition Judging Criteria and Competition Rules.

Cash Prizes and Student Scholarship Awards

Student Class

Scholarships totaling $15,500 will be presented as cash awards to the best student designs submitted. Winning entries in the Student Class will be awarded in the following amounts:


First Place


Second Place


Third Place


Sustainable Design Award

Professional Class

A First-Place Prize may be awarded for the best design in each of the four categories:


Structural / Architectural




Engineered Products


Alternative Energy

Grand Prize - $3,500
Awarded to the best entry overall regardless of Competition Class (Student or Professional)

Aluminum Extrusion: Alloy + Geometry = Performance

The right shape using the right alloy can then be enhanced through additional fabrication and finishing steps to yield an effective product design solution. Aluminum profiles can:

Go to the Professional page to learn more.

  • Reduce piece count by consolidating several components into one extruded part, and provide multi-functionality using complex integrated features
  • Facilitate easier manufacturing and assembly
  • Reduce material and production costs and lead times
  • Increase product reliability and durability
  • Simplify maintenance and repairs for product users
  • Build in functionality and attractive features to increase marketability
  • Advance sustainability goals with aluminum’s recyclability.